Killing in Cold Blood
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Killing in Cold Blood
Israeli Aggression Against Palestinian Children
What else can be called Terror?

Hug me my beloved son

Jamal Aldura tries to protect his 12-year-old son Mohammad, as they shelter from Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. Moments later Mohammad was fatally hit, and his father  was gravely wounded. (AP)
....The scene defies linguistic description....A 12-year old child, in his fathers arms, both seeking cover against a concrete wall from Israeli soldiers' bullets ...The father tries in vain to shield the son with his arms and body....both terrified, helpless...One "born-to-kill" soldier, apparently a sniper with manifestly cannibalistic instincts, fires at the terrified child's head....the father, distraught, grieves,.."my son is son is dying..." he raises his hand for help...then the same soldier shoots at the father...silence...then an ambulance goes in a desperate effort to save the child...the soldier riddles the ambulance with bullets ....and kills the driver... If that concrete wall could speak, it would probably weep a lot before uttering any words... how could that vile beast view himself in the mirror again?....but a beast has no guilty conscience. Cannibalists...., is there a more appropriate word?

Mohammad Al-Durra (12 years Old), shot along with his father and killed.
His last words-"Don't worry daddy, the ambulance will come and save us." (TIME magaizine, Oct. 16 issue-US edition)


Pictures that shook the world; Mohammad al-Durra, 12 year old, died huddled in his father's arms' caught in a hail of Israeli bullets and captured by a viewfinder of a television camera in a shocking scene viewed all over the world. Amid a welter of brutal scenes from street battles that have swept the West Bank and Gaza Strip since September 28, 2000, the boy's death was a singularly horrific one.

Television footage shot by French TV during Saturday's pitched battle outside the heavily guarded Israeli settlement of Netzarim showed Mohammed clinging to his father, Jamal, and screaming in terror as a sustained burst of gunfire raked a concrete wall behind them. As the two huddled behind a tiny abutment, the father vainly stretched a protective arm in front of his son. Most stations that aired the footage cut away before the stricken boy could be seen slumping over, loosing his grip on the father, who himself twitched convulsively as he was struck by round after round.

Thursday July 19, Slain three-month-old Palestinian baby Diya' Tmeizi lies in the morgue of the Hebron hospital before he is buried. The baby became the youngest fatality in the Palestinian uprising. Jewish extremist group calling itself the committee for security on the roads took responsibility for this barbaric and criminal attack.

Monday May 7, 4-month-old Iman Hajjo, killed in Israeli shelling of Khan Yunis.

Friday March 2nd, 9-year old Ubay Darraj was killed, he was playing in his bedroom, under the protection of his 'home'. Ubay was hit in the chest by heavy machinegun bullets fired from Israeli army posts guarding the outskirts of Psagot settlement near Al-Bireh; he was dead upon arrival at Ramallah hospital

Sara, 2 years old, receives a farewell kiss from her father. The family was on way to hospital, when they were caught in Israeli fire.

Jessica Abu Sffier (4 years) lost her eye; due to the Israeli shelling on Bethlehem city

Hebron Jan 12, 2001 : Israeli soldiers expressing joy as they drag the body of Palestinian Shaker Hassouni (23 years old) away from the site of clashes, after he was shot dead by Israeli forces

A picture of the Israeli aggression against Palestinian children Fares Udah (13 years old) in picture above was later shot dead on Nov. 8


Israeli soldiers torturing a Palestinian man in Gaza

Israeli soldiers torturing a Palestinian man in Gaza: The man is buried in a hole, blindfolded with his hands tied. Israel remains the only state that has legislated the use of torture.

Black Friday, March 8, 2002

At least 40 Palestinians were killed including 2 ambulance drivers, a nurse, and a 10 year old boy.

8 Palestinian ambulance workers killed by Israeli soldiers in the past two days

Israeli soldiers do not hesitate to consider ambulances as targets, though medical workers are expressly protected by Geneva Conventions.

The latest incidents have brought about international condemnation of Israeli behavior in this respect, with the United Nations, the Red Cross, the European Union and the United States of America calling for protection of ambulances.

Ramallah, March 13th, 2002. Italian Journalist Raffaele Ciriello was shot and killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces in Ramallah Today.

 His picture with president Arafat, left. After he was shot and killed, right.

The Committee to Protect Journalists  CPJ ( a New York-based, independent, nonprofit organization that works to safeguard press freedom worldwide) condemned the occupation assault against Journalists '' We call on the Israeli government to provide a full accounting of this disturbing incident," said CPJ executive director Ann Cooper, said in statement to the press today.Its worth to mention that three Palestinian Journalists were killed and dozens were injured by the occupation army fire since the Intifada against the occupation started 17 month ago.

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Latin patriarch leads 2,000 in protest at Bethlehem checkpoint Click here

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Americans, and European Peace Activists Face Israeli Tear Gas and Israeli Army Jeep

Arafat's Compound and Ramallah
Under Attack, March 29, 2002

Israeli Army Shells President Arafat's Office

Ramallah Street Destroyed by Israeli Bulldozer

Israeli Army Shells President Arafat's Office

Israeli Tank Next to President Arafat Office

Israeli Army Tank Shells President Arafat's Office

Israeli Soldiers inside Arafat Compound

Israeli Tanks in the Streets of Ramallah

Israeli Soldiers Attack President Arafat's Office

Israeli Tank in the Streets of Ramallah

Israeli Soldiers Detaining Civilians in Ramallah

Israeli Tanks in Ramallah

Israeli Army Bombs Commercial Center

Ramallah, a City Lies in Ruins

Israeli Soldiers Were Here

Palestinian Boy Looks Through His Window Shattered by Israeli Bullets

Ramallah Street Destroyed by Israeli Tanks

Ramallah's Destruction by Israeli Military Forces
March 10-16, 2002





In Bethlehem, a Jew shelled the Virgin. A Jewish soldier in the formidable tank Merkava-3  fired a shell at fifty yards at the statue of Madonna on top of  The Holy Family church in the Nativity town.

Bethlehem University Under Attack

Struck by four Israeli missiles on the nights of March 8 and 9, 2002, Bethlehem University suffered severe damage to its two newest facilities

West Facade of Millennium Hall showing the exterior damage and penetration by TOW missiles; hole in the roof over Classroom 401
Damage to Classroom 302 which was struck by two TOW anti-tank missiles. The first, on March 8, 2002, caused the hole above the two windows. The second, which hit the following night, struck the right edge of the window frame and damaged the opposite wall.
Exterior and interior views of the penetration point where the TOW rocket pierced the wall and severely damaged the Turathuna Center addition to Bethlehem University Library.



A 13 years old Palestinian boy was used by Israeli forces as a "human shield".

Israeli forces massacre protesters in Rafah

(Wednesday, May 19)

MK Ahmed Tibi (Hadash) said that the defense minister, chief of staff and the pilot who fired the missiles should all be put on trial. MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash) termed the Rafah missile strike a "massacre" and called for international intervention.
Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen, speaking on behalf of the EU presidency, cited initial reports suggesting many children were among the casualties.

"It is clear that today's action was completely disproportionate to any threat faced by the Israeli military and that Israeli forces showed a reckless disregard for human life," he said in a statement.

"The targeting of innocent children in a conflict of this kind must always be condemned," he said. "The killing of children does not serve any legitimate cause and degrades any purpose which it purports to advance."

The United Nations' special human rights envoy for the West Bank and Gaza Strip said Wednesday that the Rafah strikes were war crimes and a violation of humanitarian law, and that the Security Council should consider imposing an arms embargo against Israel just as it had against the apartheid regime in South Africa in 1977.
"These actions constitute...war crimes...They also amount to collective punishment which violates both humanitarian law and international human rights law," said South African law professor John Dugard in a statement.

"The special rapporteur calls on the Security Council to take appropriate action to stop the violence, if necessary by the imposition of a mandatory arms embargo," he added.

If I Only Knew (As a Palestinian Child)
By Amany Hajyassin  

Whenever I look
Into the eyes of a Palestinian child
My tears start shedding
I can't imagine what he is living through
If I only knew
As a Palestinian child
What it would be like
To see bombs coming down
And not rain
What it would be like
To see blood on the ground
Or to see my older brother
Covered in blood
If I only knew
As a Palestinian child
What it would be like
To hear the sounds of bombs
And helicopters and gun shootings
Day and night
How am I able to describe
That fear in the eyes
Of a Palestinian child?
Looking into their eyes
And trying to imagine
How their life would be
Without shootings and bombs
Bursting in air
If I only knew
As a Palestinian child

If you are wondering how they do that, here is the answer

Hundreds of Palestinian Children have been separated by the Israeli army from their fathers, mothers, and their homeland..... FOREVER.....

AMPAL demands justice, we are asking the United Nations to bring the Israeli War Criminals to trial.

AMPAL demands international protection for the Palestinian people in Palestine.

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